Lord Ascalon


The origin of a legend

Lord Ascalon is the result of an encounter between passionated people of History, legends, mythical heros and of course Champagne.

Ascalon is referred to a city where epic battles took place as well as dragons killer legendary sword.

By sipping a cup of Champagne, our team took the decision to search for the most precious treasure of the French heritage: the Champagne.

Trawling from one to the other side of the wide region of Champagne, rubbing shoulders with several touching and passionated wine grower, and among them, an obviousness…

In the bend of a vine, we’ve been charmed by several of them but mostly by their complex wine that mastering art is secretly kept by those wine growers since several generations. Indeed we sealed a pact, join our knowledge.



Champagne region is extented over 5 departments offering a soil diversity indeed unique properties. From la vallée de la Marne to la côte des Bars, the variation of minerals make the soil eihter clay or a calcareus which provide a unique savour to the vinegrape.


Lord Ascalon ethic is careful about the environment and picky regarding the viniculture method. Indeed our wine grower doesn’t use any chemical fertilizer or herbicide. When the grape harvest season is coming, usually in September, grapes are picked with bare hands.


Our wine grower make their vinification mostly in oak barrel, which improve naturally the evolution of the wine. After blending and tasting, selected wines will age for at least 20 months to 10 years depending on the cuvée.